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Newforge sports complex rugby pitch

Who we are

Newforge is home to The Royal Ulster Constabulary Athletic Association Limited (the Association) incorporating the Police Service of Northern Ireland. The Athletic Association is a charitable organisation which primarily exists to provide sports facilities and services for the people of Northern Ireland.

The Association has a number of Charitable Objects that we strive to achieve. These objects are found in the What we do section below.

What we do

  1. To promote the advancement of amateur sport by the provision of sporting facilities, events, activities and resources and by providing assistance to amateur sporting groups for the benefit of the public at large;
  2. To promote community development and citizenship by encouraging participation in sports and recreation through providing and developing facilities;
  3. To promote the effectiveness of charities and the effective use of charitable resources by supporting and assisting other charitable organisations through provision of facilities and resources for activities including fundraising, events and meetings;
  4. To promote community engagement and understanding of the police family and build relationships through participation in sporting and recreational activities by working in partnership with the local community including youth organisations, community groups, charities, schools and sports and recreational organisations;
  5. To promote the advancement of health and well-being by promoting community participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities and resources for sports and recreation.

Get involved!

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Athletic Association from volunteering in one of our sports clubs to helping out at one of our events. To get involved in any of these please contact reception on 028 9068 1027 to ask for more details. 

Get involved in...Sport

  • Newforge is home venue to rugby, soccer, american football, softball, cricket, gaelic football and bowls. Join Newforge and get involved in one of these sports or...
  • The Athletic Association has approximately 40 affiliated sporting sections – choose to get involved in a sport that is not based at Newforge, such as kayaking down the river Lagan or hiking in the Antrim Hills!
  • Outreach within the community in Northern Ireland through sport. Getting involved with our sporting sections means you can contribute to our community development programme by engaging with sports clubs from across Northern Ireland’s communities. 
  • Financial support of sporting sections. The Athletic Association supports amateur sport by providing grants for sports equipment and events. 

Get involved in...Services

Newforge hosts a number of external business partners onsite. By choosing to use these services you are also contributing to our charitable objects. Proceeds from sales and rental agreements paid by these partners to Newforge Trading Services are fed back into our charity and help to promote amateur sport, community development, promotion of charities and health & wellbeing projects. 

Get involved in...Lottery Scheme

Newforge runs a Lottery Scheme for those who donate. Proceeds from the Lottery scheme are again fed back into amateur sport, community development, promotion of charities and health & wellbeing projects.

  • 6 prizes draws every month
  • Special GRAND PRIZE in September each year

Get involved in...Dining

Newforge offers a range of dining options for when you visit the complex. These options compliment our charitable objects, allowing Newforge to cater for sports events, conferences for charities, catering at health & wellbeing events and much more!

  • McLeave’s Lock Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Conference facilities for business or formal meetings
  • Banqueting facilities to help members celebrate family birthdays, retirements, anniversaries etc

Get involved in...Family Events

Newforge runs a number of annual family events for members:

  • Family Wellbeing Days in Newforge and Coleraine
  • Sunday Carvery for Easter, Mother’s & Father’s Day
  • July Soccer School
  • Santa Sunday Carvery


Donations from only £6.98 a month

Donate today and help us achieve our goals. For more information on donating or to request a membership form to make a donation please contact reception on 028 9068 1027 email or contact us here